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To The Zippo Lighter Thief $123

hollander rd at old philadelphia pike  Gordonville, PA.

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hollander rd at old philadelphia pike
Gordonville, PA.

hollander rd at old philadelphia pike Gordonville, PA.


You really weren't the best of thieves. One of the children saw you take the lighter. I knew it the minute you left with your buddy that you had stolen it. So we do know what you and your friend look like. DO NOT ever show up at another of our sales. You have no conscience. I was trying to make my rent payment. And you sir are lower than dirt. Take your business somewhere else and to think I gave you a fantastic price on the things you actually paid for. And you made the comment on how you have to make money too. Well, sir I needed the money too but, it wasn't by stealing things from someone else. You are a poor excuse for a human being. Slime. People having yard sales beware of these two. One is heavy set and the other guy is slim. One keeps you occupied while the other steals your things.


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