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post item for sale not only finds garage sales, estate sales, tag sales, and moving sales near you but you can also join a nationwide community of people who enjoys sales just like you. Swap stories and items, and get alerted when things you are interested in are found, contact a seller before the sale to grab that special item!

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Here are some links to find garage sales, rummage sales, tag sales, moving sales and estate sales in popular cities across the nation.

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    Need help with setting up? Search for people that offer their expertise and assistance to help you with your sale.

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    Just have 1 or 2 cool things to sell? Forget eBay, post them here on a virtual yardsale table for your area!

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    How much is that thing worth? What can you sell/buy it for? The Yardsale Genie will tell you!

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A VIP membership frees you from all credit fees on All Premium Options are available to you FOR FREE when you post yard sales, put items on the virtual table, and use other services. You'll also be recognized as a VIP member in the forums and all social networking areas of

As a regular yardsale member, you can contact sellers directly, even before the sale (if they allowed their contact information to be posted). If they didn't include a phone number, then send them an email, this site enables sellers to post their email or use an internal anonymous email. At the very least, you will still know which sales offer you the most opportunity! Get those great buys!

Possible garage sale finds could bring you great rewards. Every yard sale should be given a chance NO MATTER what part of town it is in. Rich or poor, the seller may be parting with wonderful auction items at a bargain because they want, or need, the money right away and are not willing to go through the hassle of online auctions. You can reap rewards beyond your wildest dreams and make more than what you paid for the item.

You can find treasures at Yard Sales... No need to outgrow that heart pounding, foot tingling, exciting feeling of "GOTCHA!"... be a hunter of Vintage Goods! There is nothing more fun than to find a needle in a haystack, a diamond among the coal, or a Fenton cobalt blue glass slipper at a yard sale.

Every yardsales posted on will have a unique ID number, so you can find it easy. If you know the yardsale ID#, you can enter it here.

If you post a sale, you can refer to this ID in newspaper ads or flyers you hand out. It lets you give anyone the direct link to your garage sale on our site